Business Advisory

The current pace at which we conduct business makes life complex. The business environment in which we operate is more demanding than ever before. Your strategic moves and response would have greater importance and is the difference between your business thriving, or merely surviving.

At STS Accounting Group, we are a part of your business’s development and success, and we work closely to prepare budgets and to set a path to plan for opportunities and to take remedial action where required.


Financial Modeling and Projections

  • Work with management to develop budgets for short, medium and long-term business plans
  • Create advanced financial models to account for various scenarios and potential internal and external risks facing your business
  • Chart performance against projections and continuously modify as your business evolves

Cash Flow Management

  • Forecast incoming and outgoing cash on a regular basis
  • Extend the life of your cash with structure policies for your AP and AR functions
  • Properly manage your company’s debt and credit lines to balance operational and financial effectiveness
  • Ongoing alert on cash flow position