7 Other Ways to Recession Proof Your Business

We have documented 7 other ways to recession proof your business that are exclusively available to clients of this accounting practice. We are not your average accounting firm that just keeps the ‘score’. We aim to work with you to build a stronger, more profitable and valuable business by combining our consulting tools and expertise with the knowledge of your business.

Small Business is Our Passion


Readers are advised that the purpose of this guide is to provide general introductory information. It does not purport to contain all the information that would be relevant to any particular business opportunity. Further, the guide is provided to interested persons on the basis that they will be responsible for making their own assessment of that opportunity with the assistance of the information provided. The information in the guide should not be relied upon in substitution for professional advice and individual investigation.

  • Know you average stock days and work on shortening them.
  • Sell or dispose of obsolete stock.
  • Have a purchase ordering system.
  • Know your sales cycle and manage it.
  • Purchase stock based on your sales requirements.
  • Know your minimum/maximum stock levels.
  • Have a system/computerised stock management and
  • Know your industry average stock days.