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We recently had a chat (via email) with Aidan Mill about his new business Forward Osteo. Here’s what we learnt…


So Aidan, when did you establish Forward Osteo and why? 
I established Forward Osteo at the beginning of 2020 with the goal of providing the Geelong region with honest, no-nonsense pain management, and injury rehabilitation.


What is the thing that motivates you every day?
My biggest motivation is seeing my clients progress through their injury rehabilitation and helping them to initiate lifestyle changes that will cause them to feel better and move better!


Starting up a business can be daunting, what is one of the most challenging problems you’ve had to solve in your business?
As I am the sole practitioner at Forward Osteo that means I need to wear many different hats in order for my business to succeed. This challenge has allowed me to learn so much about business management, marketing, and networking, and I find that even makes me a better clinician at the end of the day!


It’s been a crazy year, how have you managed your business with COVID-19 restrictions?
I won’t lie, starting a business just prior to COVID hitting was a challenge, but one that I have learnt immensely from and now I know that I can get through any challenge in the future. As Osteopathy is classified as an essential service under the allied health banner I have been extremely fortunate to remain open throughout the pandemic. The addition of stricter sanitisation and cleaning procedures means I can stay open and continue to help the general public manage their injuries, which is awesome.


And finally, what three words would you use to describe STS Accounting Group to a friend?
Trustworthy, Knowledgeable, Friendly

That’s great to hear, and thanks for these insights, Aidan.


If your back is playing up after hours in front of the screen, or you’re feeling any other muscle pain, why not give Aidan a call.

Forward Osteo

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Shop 10/129 Pakington St, Geelong West VIC 3218

Book Online or call him on (03) 5215 1788 


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