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We recently spoke with the small business owner,  Myotherapist, Personal Trainer, Health, Science & Physical Educator, George Fallaw. Wow-what a long list of credentials. Here is what we learnt…

How long have you been operating as Fallaw Myotherapy & Fitness, George?

We have been up and running as a Myotherapy and Personal Training outfit for 1 year now. Previous to that I was working as a PT for 8 years.

I wanted to finish my Myotherapy course first so that when I was fully qualified with I could guarantee my business service would be of an extremely high level.



What is the thing you love most about your job and your business?

I love spending time with people. Seeing a variety of personality types and getting to talk to people all day long fills my heart with joy.  I develop very personal relationships with my clients and love seeing paradigm shifts occurring after they have been training with me for a few months.

My job is exhilarating. Whether I am spotting someone on a heavy bench press or piercing their skin with some dry needling, there’s never a time I’m not engaged and excited.



What key piece of advice have you received that you value most?

Someone told me to be curious with people and find out what they’re an expert at. To help them understand they are skilled, important and already have many traits applicable to success with their training. Thinking less about myself and those that I support was the most pivotal part of the client relationships and success the business has received.
What keeps you motivated as a business owner?
I motivated by knowing that there are people out there that are lost. They’ve seen many different trainers or physicians and they have gotten lost amongst other clientele. I know that these people are out there and struggling. What drives me is finding them, helping them feel valued like they never have, and guiding them to better lives. In all facets.

Looking into the future… what’s planned for Fallaw Myotherapy & Fitness?

Fallaw Myotherapy & Fitness is moving a vast portion of its services online. This will see us being able to take on a larger portion of clients and change more lives.

My in-person training services are getting huge upgrades. I have recently invested large amounts of money to set up a home gym. This will support my client’s goals more comprehensively than ever.

The Myotherapy side of things will continue to be operated from our clinic in Newcomb. I have been exploring adding joint mobilisations and spinal treatments into my toolkit which has seen the clinic results go up substantially.

Thanks for these insights, George! We’ve definitely learnt something new, and hope you have too and maybe even something that can be applied to your business or personal life.


Have you got a question for George or would like to get in touch regarding your fitness needs?
Find him at:

Fallaw Myotherapy & Fitness
P: 0448 504 854
E: info@fallawmyofitness.com.au


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